Thanksgiving Thanks

My father is little more than a biological donor in my life; but among the few things that he did right was celebrating thanksgiving.  We (my family and I) do not celebrate thanksgiving as the rest of the US citizens; to us it is a lot more than just complementing each other for tricking Native Americans to help them out when they were cold and hungry and then stealing their lands…

For us, it is about being grateful for all the blessings and all the good things in our lives.  Usually I write an email to those people that are so special and dear to me in a manner of thanking them for being a part of my life and making it richer and happier.

Of course I am thankful for all my friends and for those people whom I think they are my friends and they are not so convinced about it.  I am also thankful for those who have drove me to the extreme lands of the psychotic paranoia or have caused my liver severe damage due to constantly be blinded mad.  I am thankful for them too because it is because of them that I have been able to experience and savor the wonderful and blissful moments of peace.

I am thankful for my job and the people inside it; it is through it that I have been able to find the best part of me.  It is also a source of bald spots on the top of my head, but fortunately, I can still grow hair… So perhaps all I need are vacations.  haha

I am thankful that my family is doing good, that I have been able to cope and surpass some of the terrible teachings that being a survivor entails.  My family is stronger and we have actually learned first hand how incredibly blessed we are.

Naturally, the first and the last thanks go to God.  I do believe in You and I am thankful that you still believe in me.



The Sacred Vine? Say What??

My Dear friend Mateusz sent me this video for me to watch.

I must say I do not know the work of this writer nor do I know his career; but I do beg to differ on some things.  The need to control drugs as an item of unrestricted consumption in society has little to do with whether they are used as a spiritual way to achieve illumination.  It has to do with the aggressiveness that frequent or continued drug users reach when they have no money to buy their drugs with.

Today’s society (regardless of the country) has been battling drug abuse for centuries.  Even so, the number of children being born with drug-consumption related problems so opening up the use of drugs for anyone will only cause a sky-high raise on individual, social and family drug-consumption problems that range from apathy to sheer violence.  So no, it is NOT a good idea to simply let everyone and anyone choose their drug and start consuming.

I am not going to talk about the writer’s perception that the problem with Mexico began with the Aztecs…  Or the Spaniards or human sacrifice… Specially if it comes from someone whose ancestors used to say:  “The good indian is the dead indian”…  (yeah, kept it low caps for enhanced sarcasm).


The Hate for the Breed Comes from Ignorance and Evil-Ridden Souls….

I am a vehement advocate for animals, more particularly for dogs.  I have two rescued friends asleep next to me as i type these lines, snoring to their own heart’s contempt and I am more than happy with this.  Life is good.  At least mine right now and theirs.

The number of “breed-specific haters” is increasing, but more than just hate the breed, it is important to analyze what is it that you are actually hating.  Is it the dog because of the way it looks? The fame it has? Have you or anyone you know been attacked by a dog of this breed? Each story has two sides and it is my personal experience that the chances that the dog is a vicious being are extremely rare.  It is far more likely that the dog reacted to the humans aggression even if this aggression was unintended.
This is particularly true in the case of children.  Parents who let their child run towards an unknown dog regardless if the child is screaming in joy, sadness or in the middle of a tantrum, can be overwhelming to the dog.  There are many dog owners (such as myself) who do not have children in their homes, so our furry friends are not used to these small sized humans.  It is only logical to understand that if to a full size human, such action from a child can be obnoxious, it can certainly be perceived as aggressive by a being that does not speak our language.
While it might be too much to mention it still and again do take into consideration children who aren’t taught the basics on respect.  The dog is an animal that has been domesticated for many centuries, but it still is a full blown individual that has a temperament and a character; as such they are also able to distinguish things that they like and things that they do not like.  If the dog has always shown that he/she is not prone to have his/her tail yanked, allowing a kid to do precisely that, is naturally a Russian roulette on the kid getting bit.
But these events are not solely applicable to children.  Adults are the same and move by the same premises.  It is far too common to see an adult kick a dog just because the dog was there and the adult was having a bad day.  What more normal would it be if a stranger or even your brother walks up to you and punches your face in?  Are you going to kiss him or to throw a punch right back at him?
These are the things that should always be considered before saying:  This or that breed are evil and should be destroyed.  It could be as simple as the dog being bullied and harassed prior to you walking on its path; they too have bad days and again, these bad days are sole responsibility of the humans that interact with the dogs.
So, what IS the solution?  The solution, as always is to make sure that the young kids learn the basics about caring and interacting with dogs and with any other form of life in this beautiful blue marble…
* Respect.  Interaction with other life forms means that there has to be common ground as to when and how to interact.  A dog is not a toy and it is not a “thing” that can be used however the human pleases.
* Care.  The way parents teach their kids to care for life forms that are less independent is the way their kids will care for them when they are senile.  If you want, do not look at it as teaching, consider it a wise investment
* Commitment.  A dog, a hamster, a cat, a parrot or even a gold fish are not “toys” that bore the kid and should be discarded.  Teaching the kid commitment will also teach him or her about family building, so that when the time comes and he/she has kids of his/her own, they will be treated in the best possible way and not as “closet kids” that are taken out when company is coming but otherwise are left to their own resources.
Kids who lack these important teaching often turn to become criminals.  The amount of problem that comes from this is something that modern day society is experiencing first hand and not without a big degree of terror….

It is SO Hard to be a Human Sometimes….

I read a note today about Rep. Steve King…  He states that animal fighting is OK, after all, they are not humans…  and I have to say neither is him.  I cannot begin to express how saddened I am when I see an abused animal.  It does not matter who or why.

I know that we are all humans, stress and despair and frustration can and most certainly will take a toll in our personality and the way we relate to other living beings, whether they are plants or other animals (yeah, I DID SAY “other animals” if you remember your school correctly, we ARE part of the animal kingdom and as such we ARE animals as well).  Maybe we should do something else rather than just vent and state on Facebook that these “politicians” are not the true representatives of the masses but of minorities…
Then perhaps they are also OK with massacres such as columbine and aurora….  After all, we are all animals and we are all fighting for the right to survive, to live, to go home to our loved ones (whether they speak human or not).  Of course, for those of us who believe that any life is worth respecting and who believe that despite it all, feeding is not the same as fighting or killing for fun or sport, a rush of anger and a wish to pound the truth into thick skulls like his is something you actually have to repress…
I would say that maybe through the power of prayer we could accomplish something, but truth is, for prayer and God to illuminate the ignorant, the ignorant must want illumination and if he/she does not care to be enlightened and actually believe that their way is -actually- what God intended, then all we can do is act according to the bible and cast out of our midst that rotten member that might cause us to sin.
So much like what happens with Michael Vick (another human vermin), all we can do is turn our backs to Vick and King so that they understand that what they are doing and what they stand for is not only not acceptable in an evolved society, but also that we will not tolerate any none sense of the like.   Regardless if you work for them or are somehow related to them, you should turn away from them; you cannot help to talk to them or do business with them, as we are not going to leave them stranded in the middle of the desert to get out on their own means (no matter how much we would like to) but you CAN stop from interacting with them in any other manner.
Do not buy their ideas, products or services and simply do not give them your vote.  This IS an election year and having the right representatives and politicians in the high spheres of power is not only a good idea, but a must.

Just random posts of a not so random mind…

Every so often I see something or experience something that makes me say:  I should say something… Write something…. share something…  Perhaps what I live and perceive is precisely what someone else is trying to find, to reach, to experience.

So this blog is a random recollection of things as they happen to me, as I travel this path that is called life in search of an ultimate destination and something far, far beyond the rainbow.—-